B.H. Carroll Theological Institute

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Bacon Heights Baptist Church is excited to announce their partnership with B.H. Carroll Theological Institute for a second semester. B.H. Carroll is a global seminary working through local churches. B.H. Carroll is an accredited, degree granting graduate school and is a member of The Association of Biblical Higher Education and has earned initial accreditation with The Association of Theological Schools.

REGISTRATION for Fall Semester 2019 coming in September!

Dr. Matt Baird is scheduled to teach New Testament 2 – The Gospels

The term ‪begins in October 2019

Here is the course description: An introduction to the Gospels. These writings will be studied in terms of historical setting, religious background, literary composition, theological message, and interrelationship with the Old Testament.

This is meaty content for equipping all believers as well as teachers.

BHBC members can attend for ZERO dollars. 

It’s never been easier to receive graduate level training.