small groups (we call 'em summit groups)

  • Summit Groups

    SUMMIT Groups are simply what we call our "Sunday School" or "life group" ministry. We have groups that meet on Sunday morning at 8am, 9:15am, and 10:45am.

    We are expecting you!


    "Royce Williams" Class

    Location: Room 108

    9:15 SUMMIT Groups

    Base Camp - The Starting Point for Guests

    Location: Room 215

    All first-time guests are encouraged to attend this group first. Base Camp will give you an overview of BHBC and help you find a SUMMIT Group that will be a good fit.

    Singles With A Testimony (Singles 30+)

    Location: 211

    Wellspring - A multi-generational women's group

    Location: Room 110

    Special Friends (Adults with special needs)

    Location: North end of the FLC

    Young Adult

    Location: Room 217

    The Village (Median Adult)

    Location: Room 212

    Travelers (30s-40s)

    Location: Room 209

    Transitions (40s-50s)

    Location: Room 219

    Generations (All Ages)

    Location: Room 216

    10:45 SUMMIT Groups


    Location: Room 218

    The Mix (30s-50s)

    Location: Room 211

    Ladies Class (Smith)

    Location: Room 109

    "Royce Williams" Class (60s)

    Location: Room 208

    Agape Class (70s)

    Location: Room 108

    Open Door Class (80+)

    Location: Student Center