We are the University Ministry of Bacon Heights.  We may not be the largest or flashiest university ministry in town, but we are real folks trying hard to live an authentic Christian life in a world that often rewards and values other things.  

We truly believe our motto of "First Things First."  Being a mathetes, a disciplined follower of Jesus, isn't about being perfect, and it certainly isn't about pretending life isn't difficult.  We all come to Jesus as we are. We realize, sometimes, some real life immediate needs must be met before we can even get still enough to see Jesus.  That's what we mean by 'first things first.'  We want to be there with each other, and you, in a real way, to confront the life issues that keep us up at night and pop into our heads every time we try to get quiet.  

We could tell you the truth and say "trust Jesus" or "spend some time in prayer," but what if you don't know, or trust, Jesus yet?  What if you don't know how to pray?  First things first.  Let's spend some time talking through that right-now problem and then get to how to pray and learning who Jesus is.  Trusting Him is still the answer and still the truth, but you have to know Him first.  First things first.



We attend the Traditional Service at 9:15 every Sunday and then meet for our SUMMIT Group Bible Study in Room 218 at 10:45.  One of the friendly Greeters will help point you in the right direction.    

On Sunday mornings, for the Spring 2019 Semester, we will be talking about relationships and our inner/outer circle of influence and influencers.

For the Spring 2019 Semester we will meet at 7pm every Wednesday at a home.  Please contact Shawn for the location!    This is a much more informal atmosphere and we will be working our way through Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline."

We will have our Instagram account up soon, so check back here for updates!  

On our calendar this semester we have  Secret Church,  Escape the Room, waterfowl watching and identification, paintball and geocaching.

We also plan on spending quite a bit of time outdoors this next semester and, believe it or not, Lubbock is centrally located for some awesome day trips!  From caves in Eastern New Mexico to the second largest canyon in the country, we have it on our schedule.  Did you know the Caprock Escaprment, to our east, was scheduled to be a National Park?  Come explore with us and you'll discover what the rest of country missed out on.