Nick Watts


Born and raised in Abilene, TX, Nick met the love of his life, Michelle Pittam (a native of Lovington, NM), while attending college in Abilene.  Married in 1985, they eventually had three children: Kelsie (2nd from the left), Jordan (far right), and Macy.

Nick and his family are no strangers to the pain that grips this world.  In 2013, their son, Jordan, died.  He was 19.  You can read more about Nick, and how he, Michelle, and their two daughters, faced (and are still facing) that experience by clicking here.

Nick loves to play the piano, studying the playing styles of Billy Joel, Elton John and Jerry Lee Lewis.  No Christian artist has impacted him more than Keith Green.  He also loves all-things Elvis, sipping coffee, college football, reading, studying, writing and teaching.  (You can read one of Nick's articles published in a regional magazine here.)

Nick grew up in an extremely violent alcoholic home, his dad finally dying of alcoholism in 2000.  Second only to his profession of faith in Christ, the single-most life-changing decision Nick made was to finally forgive his dad.  You can read his story here.

You can find Nick on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, & Soul Food (his blog)

Ministry Experience

For most of his life, Nick has served as a full-time Youth Pastor, working with and serving along side some of the most wonderful teenagers (and their parents) on the planet.  Some have affectionately described student ministry as Wild Life Management - and that would be accurate.  :))

Being hired for his first Youth Pastor position in 1983, Nick went on to serve in churches in East, Central & West Texas, arriving at Bacon Heights in 2008.  After leading the music/worship ministry for 9 years, Nick transitioned into the role of overseeing and leading all aspects of the Biblical teaching and learning ministries.

Nick & Michelle have had the joy of traveling all over the world, being a part of mission endeavors that include Russia, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, England and Wales.

Nick professed his faith in Christ on Easter Sunday morning, 1975, eventually committing his life to full-time, vocational ministry on July 15, 1980. 


Nick graduated from Hardin-Simmons University in 1986 with a Bachelor degree in Music.  In 1991, Nick attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he pursued biblical studies and evangelism.  Finally, in 2015, Nick began pursuing a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics (a defense of the Christian faith) from Houston Baptist University.

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