We are Mathetes, the College Ministry of Bacon Heights.  We may not be the largest or flashiest university ministry in town, but we are real folks trying hard to live an authentic Christian life in a world that often rewards and values other things. 

Our ministry is called 'mathetes' and it is our focus and purpose.  The Greek word mathetes is translated most often times in the New Testament as 'disciple' but we believe that word has been used so much it has lost its meaning.  We prefer the much longer definition of mathetes as being "a disciplined follower of a master."  As a group, and as individuals, we take the disciplined part of being a disciple very seriously.  We reject casual Christianity and the idea that church attendance is the high water mark of following Jesus.  Through daily quiet time, daily reading of His word, and gathering with others chasing after Him, we seek to deepen our spiritual walk and our influence for Him in this world.  

Whether you grew up in church, or are just now starting to seek Jesus, we invite you to join us and explore the depths of what a life can be when you seek to be a disciplined follower of the Master.



We attend the Traditional Worship Service each Sunday morning at 9:15 and then meet for Sunday School in Room 218 at 10:45.  One of the friendly Greeters will help point you in the right direction.    

On Sunday mornings, for the Fall 2021 Semester, we will be working through the Sermon on the Mount.  Karissa Slayton, a Texas Tech alumni, will be leading the study and focusing on living out the Sermon in real life.  As a mathetes, Karissa understands the struggle of trying to live in a world that doesn't play by God's rules.  Her in-depth walk through the Sermon on the Mount will be focused on the 'so what' and not just facts about Jesus.

Also for the Fall 2021 Semester we will meet at 7:30pm every Wednesday in the University room at church.  This is a much more informal atmosphere.  We will be focusing on Christ and culture and exploring cultural trends and bends through the lens of Jesus.  Our expectation of this study is to figure out how to live as a mathetes in the real world with opinions rooted in Jesus.

Find us on Instagram @mathetes_ministry

On our calendar for the Fall semester:

*Los Alamos NM/Bandelier National Monument/Valles     Caldera Sept 3-6

*Secret Church on September 26

*White Sands National Monument Oct 15-17

*Guys trip to cut firewood in New Mexico (TBD)

*Girls Retreat to Lake Tanglewood Nov 12-14

If you are looking for the personal attention so often lacking from larger ministries, give us a shot!