our worship services, MUSICALLY...

9:15 - Traditional

“Traditional” at Bacon Heights does not mean “boring or old-fashioned.” What it does mean is that you will encounter a worship experience, musically, full of the old (and a few not-so-old) hymns.  Their lyrics rich in theology, the hymns are treasures of Christian music history.  Additionally, our Adult Choir sings in this service.

10:45am - Contemporary

Our "contemporary" service is characterized, musically, by more modern worship music and accompanied by our Praise Band. 


There is no musical worship "style" set forth in the New Testament to be followed by the local church.  According to Jesus, what is vital is that we worship him "in spirit and in truth," regardless of the style of music in which we do that.  Further, music is but a small component of our worship.  When Paul describes worship in Romans 12 he never mentions music.

We provide the worship service descriptions above because the terms "traditional" and "contemporary", nowadays, tend to be "moving targets."  In other words, what is described as "contemporary" at one church may well be described as "traditional" at another church down the street.

As stated previously, while "traditional," at BHBC, means neither boring nor old fashioned, "contemporary", at BHBC, means neither "shallow" nor "dumbed down".  All the music we use in both worship services at BHBC are gospel-driven, theologically rich and doctrinely sound.

Should you have further questions about our worship services please email Nick here.